Altas Novus Cityline LW

Silent and sustainable city bus

Passenger seat


Easy care, tamper-resistance materials and reliable equipment

Integrated with the city systems

Information displays, electronic ticketing system and cash registers


Low-entry with wide electric doors and a wheelchair ramp

0 emission minibus for day to day urban routes

This durable and functional electric city minibus is designed to hold all the complex conditions of public transport. For the comfort of passengers with disabilities, the city minibuses always feature double-sided electric doors and ramps. Buses can be fitted with all necessary public transport equipment like interior information screens, monitors, electronic ticket devices, and cash registers. At full charge vehicle can travel up to 270 km in mixed conditions. 10” screens are installed to keep the driver updated with all necessary telemetry like battery status, range left, etc. For new electric city minibuses contact our sales department.